PHOTOS: MVC Outdoor Track & Field Championships

A week ago, I attended the Missouri Valley Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Terre Haute, IN.

I captured pictures that have been posted here:


Policing Skid Row – Embedded (NPR)

If you haven’t listened to “Embedded”, a podcast by NPR, you should listen to their episode about policing Skid Row in LA.

Embedded is a podcast that takes an item from the news and takes your ears inside the situation to gain a greater perspective of the situation. This particular episode of “Embedded” displays two methods of policing and the responses to them by the people living on Skid Row.

Police have been in the news a lot in the last couple of years due to brutality and violence. I know police officers who are great people, but I also know that the United States’ problem with police and criminal justice is a systematic problem. The individual officer’s personal goodness and there being a systematic problem are not mutually exclusive. It is not only ‘crooked’ or ‘bad’ officers who are at fault. I recommend reading Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. The book shows how police departments have been incentivized to issue citations and make arrests very clearly at one point.

At the very least, listen to this episode of Embedded, and ask the questions:

  • If I was living on Skid Row, which officer would I want to meet?
  • Which officer would I want to be?
  • Which policing tactic do I think is best for society?

Where To Go If Trump Is President

There has been a lot of talk from liberals in the U.S. about what they will do if Donald Trump (R-NY) is elected president. As Trump closes in on winning the GOP nomination, with signs of a long close battle with Hillary Clinton (D-NY), it may be time for the left to weigh their options.

According to USA Today, top destinations mentioned on social media include Mexico (how ironic), Canada, United Kingdom, Alaska, France, Hawaii, Ireland, and Brazil.

As a liberal myself, I’m going to help breakdown the top choices for our soon to be disaffected and fearful population. Continue reading

Biden: My V.P. was Warren

Following up on my article earlier:  V.P. Pick Critical for Clinton

Politico reported earlier today that current Vice President, Joe Biden (D-DE), would have picked Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as his running mate. Biden was a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination, but never entered the race. Biden notes Warren’s anti-bank agenda, and the enthusiasm with the left supports her as he, like Clinton, is a centrist Democrat. Biden believes that Warren should be Hillary Clinton‘s (D-NY) running mate. Warren, to her credit, has played her cards carefully, giving her an opportunity at influence and possible the vice presidency, while generating enthusiasm on her Twitter account.

Politico – Joe Biden Wanted Elizabeth Warren as his VP

The revelation of Biden’s interest in Warren is timely: The Massachusetts senator, who has not yet endorsed a candidate for president, has been careful to avoid any statement that would indicate she favored ideological soulmate Bernie Sanders over the more centrist Clinton. But progressives have begun pitching Warren as a possible Clinton vice presidential pick to heal the divisions between the center and left of the Democratic Party after the protracted duel between Clinton and Sanders.

And Warren hasn’t entirely resisted the suggestion — in part, because it gives her leverage to influence Clinton’s potential staffing decisions in the Treasury Department and financial oversight boards.

V.P. Pick Critical for Clinton

From July 25th-28th, the Democratic National Convention will meet in Philadelphia and most likely, nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) for president. Sometime in the next 11 weeks, Vice Presidential candidates will announced for both the Democrats and Republicans. This pick could either sink or buoy Clinton’s campaign, being much more crucial than it is for Donald Trump (R-NY) and the GOP. Continue reading

‘Will McAvoy’ with Another Wake Up Call

In 2012, Jeff Daniels lit the internet on fire with a jaw dropping opening scene to HBO TV Series, The Newsroom. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the 8 minutes. It was stunning enough that it was shown on the first day of my first political science class in college.

Daniels returns with a spoof on the scene, which is only two minutes. He succinctly highlights why this election shouldn’t be called for Hillary already, like many of the major news stations are doing.

Read my thoughts on Trump, Clinton, and Party Identity here.

Obama in Cuba – Reason for Cynicism

Thoughts from the Archive – Originally written on April 9, 2016.
Turned in as an assignment for “HIS 283: History of Cuba”.

From March 21st to 22nd of 2016, President Barack Obama (D-IL) was the first sitting United State president to visit Cuba in 88 years. With him, Obama brought CEOs of Marriott, Starwood Hotels, and PayPal, along with many other U.S. legislatures. In other the U.S. and Cuba, Obama’s visit dominated headlines, from a historic press conference with Raul Castro, to standing in Revolutionary Plaza in front of the Che Guevara Memorial with the U.S. coalition, and attending a Tampa Bay Rays-Cuba baseball game. Obama appeared on popular Cuban television and was, from the American perspective, embraced by the greater Cuban community.

There is a darker underbelly to Obama’s Cuban visit, and you have to dive into the history of U.S.-Cuban relations. Continue reading

President Trump: The Result of Identity Crises

As the primaries wrap up, it has become clear that the long time front runners in both parties will win the nomination: Donald Trump (R-NY) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY). The nomination and widespread support of Trump has come as a surprise to the Republican establishment, who a year ago was ready to anoint Jeb Bush (R-FL) or Scott Walker (R-WI) as their nominee.  Trump’s distinct platform and attitude has mobilized masses to vote for him, revealing an identity crisis of the Republican Party, but the identity crisis of the Democratic Party may give Trump the presidency. Continue reading

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