Where To Go If Trump Is President

There has been a lot of talk from liberals in the U.S. about what they will do if Donald Trump (R-NY) is elected president. As Trump closes in on winning the GOP nomination, with signs of a long close battle with Hillary Clinton (D-NY), it may be time for the left to weigh their options.

According to USA Today, top destinations mentioned on social media include Mexico (how ironic), Canada, United Kingdom, Alaska, France, Hawaii, Ireland, and Brazil.

As a liberal myself, I’m going to help breakdown the top choices for our soon to be disaffected and fearful population.Oh, Canada

It’s close. They have nationalized healthcare. They have this handsome man as president. According to the World Happiness Index, Canada is ranked #6. The United States is at #13, out of 157 countries. Canada routinely outperforms the U.S. on education as they are #7 in reading, #13 in math, and #10 in science. The U.S. is #24, #36, and #28 respectively. Canada has been opening their doors to refugees, more specifically Syrian refugees. They have already taken in over 27,000. The U.S. has taken just over 1k.

So Canada sounds great, but we forgot about the bitter Canadian winter. You think Minnesota and North Dakota sound bad in January? Try traveling a couple hundred miles north. The province of Quebec still thinks it’s a part of France, and has wanted to be its own country. The environmentalists among us might not like the tar sands and oil industries in Canada, and there is still a problem with indigenous peoples being treated poorly. President Trudeau may have enough on his plate without the inflow of Americans fleeing.

Cape Breton is looking for immigrants if Donald Trump wins.

Canadian Immigration Website

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway

Happiness wise, Denmark is #1, Norway #4, Finland #5, Sweden #10, and the U.S is #13. These are the countries who have driven presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) campaign. Educationally, some of these countries are well ahead of the U.S., and others are nearby.

Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are a part of the European Union, so there may be some economic scares to come. The U.K. is considering leaving the EU as Greece has financial troubles, which will likely be passed on to the other EU countries. With in the inflow of refugees from Syria into Europe, these countries may not be so keen to accept Americans running from “Big Bad Donald.”


19th happiest country to U.S. #13.
#9 Reading. #20 Math. #14 Science. (Beats United States in all categories)
They want Americans, or at least an island wanted Americans to relocate to stimulate the economy. But, they have been overwhelmed by US citizens’ applications. Like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, Ireland is in the European Union, and is a smaller country. It could be impacted strongly by Greece’s financial crisis and the U.K. leaving the EU.


It may not be the best time to move to Brazil, as the president Dilma Rousseff has been ousted while she undergoes an impeachment trial. Rousseff has claimed that it is a coup. Politically, Brazil is just as divided as the U.S. After the Olympics, you may come running back to the States with your tail between your legs.

Alaska, Hawaii

You’re not solving your problem with getting away from Trump, but only leaving the continental states. Have fun in Alaska with Sarah Palin and the Canadian winters, or in Hawaii with absurd costs of living and being a long distance from friends and family.

The United States

Every country has their own problems, and if you’re thinking of leaving, you see Trump and the movement he represents as a problem that the United States needs to face. Leaving the United States won’t solve that problem, but exacerbate it. When dissidents leave, there are less voting in the next election. One vote may not matter individually, but thousands do. Votes and voices become significant when individuals join together behind a party or political leader. We can face the flaws of the United States as a people, or we can run away from them, and not allow the individuals come together.


Canadian President Justin Trudeau Is Optimistic Because You Want to Leave

And he’s pretty sure that you won’t immigrate to Canada.



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