Links I Liked – 10/31-11/5

Africa wasn’t “rising” before and it’s not “reeling” now

Yes, Donald Trump can win. Here are 4 maps to prove it.

Here’s what citizens who vote for authoritarians have in common. Citizens with authoritarian dispositions usually favor the right wing — whether the candidates are authoritarians or not. Left-wing authoritarian candidates appeal to citizens who are both high and low in authoritarian dispositions. And wealth decreases the likelihood of voting for authoritarian leaders — but only the left-wing kind.

Unsurprising Study of the Week  When Americans can suddenly consume alcohol at age 21, they suddenly commit more crimes.

Slowly but surely ending the embargo on Cuba The UN has overwhelming voted to condemn the embargo at every meeting. The U.S. abstained from the most recent vote, instead of voting against the condemnation.

The conservative case for Trump and Clinton.


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