ISU Indy News: Black Lives Matter BloNo Continues Resistance

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“In December, Black Lives Matter Bloomington-Normal held a mass meeting to voice complaints about policing with Bloomington Police Chief Brendan Heffner. An upcoming vote over a police substation on Jefferson St. in West Bloomington spurred their actions. After the substation was re-named a community house, and the lease modified to address some of the concerns, the Bloomington City Council voted unanimously to accept the lease from Mid Central Community Action. During the vote, members of Black Lives Matter stood with signs, pleading with their elected officials to reject the lease.

Despite their ultimate defeat in the Jefferson Street Community House, the group continues to fight. Chief Heffner and the Bloomington Police are the recipients of the group’s criticism. In a statement published on February 16, Black Lives Matter said, “Despite clear evidence of disproportionate police practices, Chief Brendan Heffner denies any connection between race and enforcement outcomes…”

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ISU Indy News: Mayor Renner Runs for Re-Election

I am happy to announce that I am now writing for the Illinois State University Indy News. 

I posted my first article this evening: 

Mayor Renner Runs for Re-Election

For Bloomington-Normal residents, the election season continues into the spring. Local elections will be contested on February 28 and April 4. On …