“Black America Again” – Common

I have been posting mostly news articles recently, so this will be a deviation.

On Friday (11/4), Common released his latest album “Black America Again”, with another socially conscious album. He went on RapGenius and annotated some of the album. Similarly to “Faithful” from the album “Be”, Common explores how a patriarchal society could be different in his track “The Day Women Took Over”, which he performed at the Tiny Desk Concert at the White House. Another notable track is the title track, “Black America Again” which includes the quotable below. The album is well worth the listen.

Who stole the soul from black folk?
Same man that stole the land from Chief Black Smoke
And made the whip crackle on our back slow
And made us go through the back door
And raffle black bodies on the slave blocks
Now we slave to the blocks, on ’em we spray shots
Leaving our own to lay in a box
Black mothers’ stomachs stay in a knot
We kill each other, it’s part of the plot
I wish the hating will stop (war!) and the battle with us
I know that Black Lives Matter, and they matter to us
These are the things we gotta discuss


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