Covering Gabon: Two Perspectives

Gabon is in uproar over the recent elections. The incumbent president claims to have won with 49.8% of the vote, and the opposition candidate is contesting the results. Protesters have set the parliament building on fire.

Afrobarometer wrote for Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage” Blog this week on what public opinion says about Gabon and why it matters.

The gain the perspective from the ground, AFP’s Marco Longari wrote a piece called “The importance of being there“, which is more than worth your time.

“Stories like the Gabon election give us a glimpse into which direction the continent is taking. Yes, it’s more unrest in another African country. But there are nuances. The response of the people to the situation — this immediate explosion of rage — that tells you a lot about where the country is at. The evolution of the security forces that allow a photographer to cover unrest freely — that tells you a lot about where the country is and where it might be heading.”